Gobioides peruanus (Steindachner, 1880)
photo by Ross Robertson


Head Pores - Head canal with pores A', B,D(s),F,H', K',L' preopercle with pores M',N'

Scales - Small - difficult to count


Fins - D1 - VI, no elements filamentous; D2 - 16; pectoral - 19-20;; anal - 16(spine very reduced);

Head - Maxilla extending to posterior of eye; tongue slightly bilobed; interorbital broad;

Papillae -

Color - Body is pale tan with a golden sheen on the gill cover and side of body; the dorsum is brown with brown, vertical bars extending ventrally, bars not distinct posteriorly. In preservative, bars on body appear as purplish brown ceverons (Murdy 97)based on A&R

Distribution - East Pacific; Nicaragua to Peru

Habitat - Inhabits muddy burrows in brackish tidal rivers and freshwaters

Notes -