Gobiosoma grosvenori

Photo by J. Van Tassell

IDENTIFICATION - Key: general ranges followed by maximum range in [ ]

Head Pores - Cephalic canal system with poresB',C,D,E,F,H' and K'L'; preopercle canal with pores M',N'O'; pores open through distinctly raised pores.

Scales - Scaled from caudal base to pectoral fin; naked area from upper pectoral fin base to origin of second dorsal fin; lower naked area from lower pectoral fin base to to anal-fin origin. (R-64) Four modified basicaudal scales; scales in longitudinal series 31-35.

Fins - D1- VII, no spins filamentous; D2 - 10; pectoral 17[16-18] elongate reaching to origin of D2; anal - 9[8-9]; caudal segmented 17; pelvic I,5 - fins almost completely seperate, shape elongate, frenum very small, fin extends 3/4 distance to anus.

Head - Mouth small, subterminal, maxilla extends to posterior edge of pupil.

Papillae - A transverse pattern; three rows in front of the anterior of row b; row 5s connected to the anterior of row b, dorsal end of row 5i/6i approaches the anterior of row b but does not join with it; row 5i/6i extends slightly below the level of row d;

Color - From Robins 1964 (examined shortly after preservation): The general tone is tan with dark markings. The mid-side has 9 short horizontal dark dashes arranged in a row from the caudal fin to the axil of the pectoral fin. Each dash corresponding to a vertical band of dee seated pigment which is visible externally. The areas between the bands are pale, those over the trunk distictly white. The mid-dorsum is similarly marked with about 12 dark spots or short cross bars which are mostly arranged in pairs. The pectoral fin base is covered bt scattered melanophores, some of them concentrated in a poorly organized spot in the uppe part of the fin base. The pelvic fin has numerous melanophores. The base of the branchiostegal membrane is black to form a broad and open ended dark "V" or "Y" on the throat. There are scattered melanophores on the head with a blotch present below the eye. The nasal tubes are pale. The anal fin is crossed by a broad dark stripe but the caudal and dorsal fins are essentially unmarked or at least without a consistent pattern. Humann mentions a dark spot present below the eye.

Distribution - southeastern Florida, Jamaica and Venezuela

Habitat - Found in shallow rocky areas and grass beds

Notes -