Gobiosoma homochroma

photos by J. Van Tassell
top: Panama canal
bottom: GCRL specimen


Head Pores - Cephalic head pores B',C,D,F,H' [pore C sometimes missing]; preopercle pores M',N'

Scales - Extend from caudal base to pectoral fin base, upper naked area from upper pectoral fin base to first or second ray of second dorsal; lower naked area from lower pectoral fin base to second ray of anal fin; lateral scales rows - 27-30; transverse scales 7.

Fins - D1-VII, spines are not supposed to be elongate but they may be at times, this will be checked shortly and updated here when I recheck specimens; D2 - 11[11-12]; pectoral - ovate with 19-20 rays; caudal - rounded, 17 segmented rays; anal - 10; pelvic I,5, all rays branched, ovate and extending 3/4 distance to anus.

Head - Distinctly depressed, mouth oblique, maxilla extending beyond rear margin of eye about 1 pupil diameter, small barbel on preorbital rim.

Papillae - Transverse pattern; three vertical rows in front of the anterior of row b, none extending below the level of row d; rows 5s/5i/6i continuous, attached to the anterior of row b and extending below the level of row d; row n long, extending almost to midline of dorsal head area; row d continuous.

Color - Very pale in color, vertical banding pattern difficult to see and present only on the dorsal surface,head with slight mottling.

Distribution - Known from Pedro Miguel and Miraflores Locks in the Panama Canal.

Habitat - Found under rocks and small rock ledges.

Notes -