Gobiosoma hemigymnum (Eigenmann & Eigenmann 1888)
Photo by J. Van Tassell

updated 6-15-2005

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Cephalic head canal with pores B',C(s),D(s),E,F,H' and posterior ocularscapular pores K',L'; preopercle with pores M',N,O'

Scales - Caudal peduncle fully scaled, scales anterior of that in a wedge, tapering to a single line under the origin of the second dorsal, ending just short of the pectoral fin base. Scales in lateral series 34 in holotype. Four basicaudal scales present, upper and lower small with elongate ctenii, middle two larger without enlarged ctenii.

Fins - D1- VII, spines not elongate; D2 12-13; pectoral 20-21; anal 10; pelvic I,5 all rays branched, disk complete, reaching about 3/4 distance to the anus;

Head - Small wart-like barbel present below and in front of eye; interorbital about twice the pupil diameter; maxilla extends to posterior of eye; head broad and somewhat depressed; row n relatively long from mid-posterior eye, at level of pore F, dorsally to near midline. Stopping about one pupil diameter away from the midline.

Papillae - A transverse pattern: three vertical rows in front of row b; row 5i/6i under row b (near the anterior end) and extending below the level of row d by a few papillae; first three vertical rows not extending below the level of row d; row d continuous; row x short and located on the posterior of the head only;

Color - Holotype appears as though it had about nine dark bands but the color pattern has faded. The dorsal and anal fins are much darker than the body, the caudal fin is dusky and the pectoral fins are colorless.

Distribution - West Indies, Rio de Janeiro

Habitat - Coastal species found in association with small rocks and algae.

Notes -