Gobiosoma (Gobiolepis) sp z

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Cephalic head pores with pores B',C,D,E,F,H'; Preopercle pores 3

Scales - Four basicaudal scales with elongate ctenii; caudal peduncle scaled, scales extend forward in a wedge to the pectoral base, upper naked area from upper pectoral fin base to origin of second dorsal fin, lower naked area from lower margin of pectoral fin base on to midline of belly, ending at the anus. Longitudinal scale rows - 25; transverse rows - 9 (Hoese, 1971)

Fins - D1- VII, first two spines elongate in males, first spine in females (at times); D2 - 10; anal - 9; pectoral 17-18; caudal segmented - 17;

Head - Maxilla extending to middle or end of pupil; interorbital less than 1/2 eye diameter; gill-rakers on outer first arch in a small cluster of spines rakers on other arches are shorter; no barbels or fleshy protuberance on preorbital rim present;

Papillae - A transverse pattern with three rows anterior of row b; row 5s continuous with row 5i/6i and joined to the anterior of row b; row d continuous; first three rows not extending below the level of row d.

Urogenital papilla - slender in males, not bilobed, covered with melanophores except at tip; papilla of females lack melanophores

Color - Background color of head and body light brown. Sides of body with faint transverse bands; centers of bands along midside with a series of short black dashes. Pectoral base with an upper and a lower spot. Breast covered with melanophores in male only. Dorsal fins each with three longitudinal black bars. Caudal with faint wavy bands. Anal clear or with a few scattered melanophores. Pectoral with an upper and lower spot, near bases of rays. Pelvics each with a black longitudinal bar in each sex. (Hoese, 1971)

Distribution - Presently known only from Bahia Honda, Panama and Port Guatulco, Mexico, inthe Gulf of Tehuantepec.

Habitat - Collected in dredges at depths of 2-3 fathoms over rock and coral and over sand and algae substrates.

Notes -