Gymneleotris seminudus (Gunther 1864)


Head Pores - Head canal with pores B',F,H'; no preopercle pores

Scales - Scales embedded and difficult to see, 38-40 in lateral series

Fins - D1 - VII, none filamentous; D2 - 11; pectoral - 18; anal - 10; pelvic I,5, fins seperate, anterior frenum absent

Head - Maxilla ends at anterior of eye; anterior nostril wide, very erect tube same height as posterior nostril; interorbital wide, equal to eye diameter.

Papillae -

Color - Overall body brown with striking pattern of oblique white bands on head, and white bars on body; median fins with dark membranes and white rays.

Distribution - Pacific from Baja California to Equador

Habitat - Perfers areas of reef rubble and cobble well covered by algae in depths from 3 - 75 feet

Notes -