Ilypnus gilberti Eigenmann and Eigenmann 1889



Head Pores - Head canal with pores B',D,F' canals separate between eyes; no preopercle pores.

Scales - Very small


Fins - D1 - V; D2 - 15; pectoral - 20-22; pelvic I,5 disk complete rounded, anterior frenum with fringed edge.

Head - Maxilla extending to middle of eye; anterior nostril short tube; posterior nostril elongate slit with a raised rim; interorbital narrow less than 1/2 pupil diameter

Papillae - Longitudinal pattern, row under eye with larger papillae than other rows; two rows close together along middle of cheek, extending to past posterior of eye; row d continuous

Color - Dark spot on opercle, oval to eliptical; a smaller spot on dorsal posterior edge of gill cover at junction of body; isthums with scattered dark melanophores; ventral fin with dark longitudinal band and clear edge; body with scattered melanophores; dorsal fin with 2-3 longitudinal dark bands, color on rays only, membranes clear; pectoral fin with large melanophores on dorsal base, rest of fin with scattered melanophores, restricted to fin rays, membranes clear; base of caudal fin with diffuse spot, rest of fin with melanophores in a more or less vertical banded pattern;

Distribution - Tomales Bay (northern California) to south Baja, Mexico

Habitat - Mudflaits and shallow bays

Notes -