Lophogobius cyprinoids (Pallas, 1770)

photo by J. Van Tassell - Panama Canal


Head Pores -

Scales -


Fins -

Head -

Papillae -

Color - Dark brown to almost black in ground coloration. Young and females tend to be lighter, with dark stripes running back from the eye to the second dorsal fin on the upper half of the body, with four dark blotches along the midside on the posterior half of the body. Larger individuals are soild dark brown or black. Females have a distictive orange spot on the first dorsal fin between the third and fifth spines (greenfield +1997)

Distribution - Bermuda, Fla. And Bahamas to Central and northern S. America

Habitat - Tidal creeks, mangroves and other quiet, fresh to fully saline coastal waters

Notes -