Lythrypnus alphigena Bussing, 1990



Head Pores - No head or preopercle pores

Scales - Mostly scaled; upper naked area from D1 - 4th spine to base of upper pectoral fin base; scalation irregular; scales in lateral series 37


Fins - D1 - VI, first 2 elements filamentous longest reaching 4th ray of D2; D2 - 13; pectoral - 21; anal - 11;

Head - Maxilla reaching below anterior of eye; anterior and posterior nostrils tubular

Papillae -

Color - Color pattern of body grey with dark narrow cross-bars. Wide interspaces grey, consisting of discrete evenly-distributed melanophores slightly more crowded on posterior interspaces. Narrow crossbars much darker, uniform russet ground color with thin black margins; 10 to 12 rows of minute melanophores on middle 1/3rd of crossbars not discernable with naked eye. Anterior crossbars 1/2 as wide as interspaces, penultimate bar as wide as last interspace.
Head crossed by 2 darkedged oblique bars extending to mid-eye level; one bar continuing onto cheek as part of brown reticular pattern, posterior bar fading and continuing to lower margin of opercle. Four bars above eye on nape and interorbital space. Cheeks, lips, upper isthmus brown with conspicous cream-colored spots about 1/2 the size of pupil diameter. No dark blotch on base of pectoral fin. All fins disky. Spinous dorsal becoming nearly black on last interradial membranes. Soft dorsal with some darker diffuse streaks. Six faint vertical bars on caudal fin produced by larger melanophores on interradial membranes. Anal and paired fins without other markings. (Bussing 1990)

Distribution - East Pacific; Isla del Coco

Habitat -

Notes -