Lythrypnus cobalus Bussing, 1990



Head Pores - No head or preopercle pores

Scales - Scales minute and deciduous, anterior scales larger; 43 in lateral series


Fins - D1 - VI, 2nd and 3rd spines prolonged in larger males reaching to base of 3rd D2 ray; D2 - 19(18-20); pectoral - 21-22(20-23); anal - 16(14-17);

Head - Maxilla reaching to middle of eye; anterior nostril tubular; posterior nostril raised rim anteriorly;

Papillae -

Color - Preserved specimens: body and head with dark narrow transverse bars alternating with wide straw-colored interspaces. Body of holotype with 5 crossbars on each side; paratype with 4(6), 5(40), 6(10), 7(2) dark crossbars from pectoral fin origin to poaterior 1/3rd of body, rarely to caudal peduncle; bars not quite reaching ventral midline. Two oblique crossbars on head behind eye; first bar from lower nargin of preopercle to behind upper margin of eye, rarely crossing over head, second bar from lower margin of opercle to predorsal midline. A third oblique bar from upper margin of eye crossing over head. Crossbars divided by a median, wide, transverse area of closely concentrated black melanophores; this transverse streak equal to 1/3 of width of crossbars anteriorly; areas on either side of streak uniformly dusky. Interspaces pale with widely dispersed brown melanophores. Fins uniformly dusky; one specimen with proximal dark spots on dorsal fins above each of 4 crossbars; five black dots on ventral midline of caudal peduncle. Smaller specimens retain postlarval pigmentation of up to eight proximal dots along base of anal fin.
Color in life: crossbars blue with darker margins. Broad interspaces on head and body orange-red, most intense anteriorly. Ventral fins orange proximally, fading distally. Pectoral fins pale blue-grey, pelvic fins darker grey. (Bussing 1990)

Distribution - East Pacific; Isla del Cocos Island

Habitat -

Notes -