Lythrypnus lavenbergi Bussing, 1990



Head Pores - no head or preopercle pores

Scales - Could not be determined from type


Fins - D1 - VI, first spine filamentous extending to second dorsal soft ray; D2 - 14; pectoral - 20; anal 10

Head - Nape without crest; maxilla reaching to under anterior of eye; anterior and posterior nostrils tubular;

Papillae -

Color - In alcohol: brown, head and body cross-barred. Body with ten narrow, pale bars beginning with bar over base of pectoral fin; last bar mostly on base of caudal fin; dark interspaces approximately twice as wide as pale bars. Head crossed by two oblique bars behind eye that cross over nape; a shorter bar between these on preopercle. Four bars above eye on nape and interorbital space. Two transverse bars below eye, other irregular blotches on sbout and lips. Interspaces on head becoming less pigmented than bars anteriorly. Narrow bars on body with eight to twelve median rows of closely spaced melanophores; this darker median streak becoming narrower on head bars. Dark interspaces with larger, more evenly spaced melanophores. No dark blotches below head or on base of pectoral fin. All vertical fins dusky, soft dorsal and midcaudal rays with diffuse bars. A few intensely black melanophores irregularly distributed along base of soft dorsal fin. Paired fins dusky near bases. A discontinuous, pale longitudinal streak on midsides apparently resulting from abrasion of this slightly raised area. (Bussing 1990)

Distribution - East Pacific; known only from Isla del Coco

Habitat - 137-146 meters in trawl

Notes -