Lythrypnus pulchellus Ginsburg, 1939



Head Pores - absent

Scales - Scales in lateral series about 28


Fins - D1 - VI, 1st spine prolonged in larger males; 2nd spine moderately prolonged; not prolonged in females; D2 - 12-13(11-13); pectoral - 18(17-21); anal - 10;

Head - Maxilla to under anterior of eye; head and body compressed; body moderately elongate; mouth small oblique, subsuperior; lower jaw projecting.

Papillae -

Color - Body and head cross-banded; 12-13 bands from origin of first dorsal to base of caudal; the bands narrower than the interspaces, the two sharply delimited except sometimes posterior ones on caudal peduncle; each band having a transverse, median, dark streak; interspaces nearly uniformly colored, except sometimes those on caudal peduncle; a similar band over base of pectoral continued around back from one side to the other, becoming more or less diffuse on fleshy base of fin; five similar bands on top of head and nape, nearly spaced the same as bands on body, the anteriormost one on interorbital space, these bands on dorsal aspect forming broad curves, convex posteriorly, from a lateral view appearing to run obliquely downward and forward at the back, becoming nearly vertical on side of head, one on opercle, one just behind eye, one under middle of eye and two hardly perceptible ones from anterior lower quadrant of eye running forward to maxillary.

Distribution - East Pacific; Souther Baja to north central Gulf east coast

Habitat - Vertical rock walls under small ledges and caves

Notes -