Microgobius emblematicus
(Jordan & Gilbert 1882)

Photos by J. Van Tassell
top - male
bottom - female

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Supraorbital canals conjoined most of their extent; lateral canal with three pores; preopercle canal with two pores.

Scales - Lateral scale rows 56-75; scales entirely cycloid; no ctenoid scales beneath pectoral base; scales on side stop a considerable distance short of pectoral axis; absent on dorsum imediately under spinous dorsal;

Fins - D1 - VII, spines filamentous in males, spines 4-6 may extend past hypural plate, spines in females not elongate; D2 - 17[16-18]; anal 17[16-18]; pectoral 20[18-23];

Head - Gill rakers on first arch about 4+16; each dentary with 4-5 teeth in outer row; fleshy nuchal crest low and poorly developed in both sexes;

Papillae - A transverse pattern: Row d continuous; vertical rows not extending below level of row d and not reaching the lower orbit or row d; row b elongate extending forward to under posterior of pupil; row x continuous over operculum; row n continuous across dorsum of head.

Color - In freshly preserved males: body yellowish green above; yellowish white below; belly with bluish cast; five dark dashes on dorsum along base of dorsal fin; a dark diffuse spot on body just below D1; head and operculum with three longitudinal orange-yellow lines with iredescent blue lines between; horizontal orange stripe along midline under pectoral fin; pectoral base and branchiostigal membrane yellowish; pectorl fins pale; pelvic fins dusky; spinous dorsal fin with yellow base; spine filamenys orange-yellow distally; soft dorsal dusky with four yellow stripes which merge posteriorly; anal dusky with orange base, fading to yellow distally; caudal fin yellowish with bright orange stripe originating at base of ventral rays and running diagonally across them becoming horizontal just belwo midline of caudal fin, and extending to margin.

     In females: body yellowish green above; pale below, the two areas being well-delineated by an orangish yelow stripe originating at the origin of the anal fin and running dorsoposteriad to the lateral midline, there following the midline to the caudal fin base. Belly with bluish cast; dark diffuse spot on body below D1; head and operculum with three longitudinal yellow stripes seperated by iridescent blue stripes; nuchal crest yellow; branchiostegal membranes and pectoral base yellowish; pectoral fins pale; pelvic fins dusky with yellowish cast; spinous dorsal fin with broad yellow basal stripe and broa yellow stripe along distal margin; soft dorsal fin yellowish orange with a median pale stripe originating midway first element and becoming basal posteriorly and with a submarginal pale stripe; anal dusky, becoming darker distally; caudal fin yellowish with several orange spots in dorsal half and with median and ventral bright orange stripes originating at base of the rays, converging about midway on the caudal fin and extending to margin.

Distribution - Known from the Gulf of California to the Pacific coast of Panama.

Habitat - Found on beaches with a muddy shell base.

Notes -