Microgobius miraflorensis Gilbert & Starks 1904

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Oculoscapular sensory canal system with pores B',D,F,H' and preopercle canal with two pores.

Scales - scales 40-48; scales ctenoid; head, nape, breast, belly, and base of pectoral fin scaleless, scales extend forward to a point under one third the length of the appressed pectoral fin; absent on dorsum below spinous dorsal fin;

Fins - D1 - VII, males - filiments 2-6 elongate, longest reaching the caudal base; females with only slightly elongate spines reaching third soft dorsal ray; D2 - 17(16-18); pectoral - 21-22(20-23); anal - 18(16-18).

Head - fleshy nuchal crest absent in both sexes

Papillae -

Color - PRESERVED MALES: Body pale brown. Paler ventrally, with five dark dashes on dorsum along the bases of the dorsal fins; a dark, well-definded vertyical bar originates just below the base of the second dorsal spine and continues ventrad to a point below the median rays of the pectoral fin, ocassionally an additional one to five faint vertical bars may occur on body parallel and posterior to the dark bar; pectoral base freckled with large melanophores; head light brown, slightly darker dorsally. Spinous dorsal fin pale with dusky suprabasal stripe and one to five discrete dark spots in dorsal half of membranes one or two; dorsal fin becoming dusky distally, especially the filaments; soft dorsal fin with dusky base and two to three narrow, median, dusky stripes; anal fin dusky, paler along base and distal margin; pectoral fins pale; pelvic fin interradial membrane dusky, the medial membranes darker; median rays of caudal fin dusky, two to three diagonal rows of small, faint spots in dorsal half.

FEMALES: as in males except; dark vertical bar on body originating below base of second dorsal spine broader than in males and extending ventrad only to a point under dorsalmost pectoral rays; spinous dorsal fin without discrete dark spots in dorsal half of first two interradial membranes; anal fin without pale distal margin; pelviv fin membrane dusky with pale distal border. (Birdsong 81)

Distribution -

Habitat - inhabits sand, silt, or mud bottoms of bays, estuaries, and tidal creeks.

Notes -