Microgobius signatus Poey 1876
photo by J. Van Tassell - Curacao


Head Pores - Oculoscapular canal with pores B', D, F, G, H'; preopercle canal with three pores

Scales - lateral scale rows about 77-90; scales mostly cycloid; Scales on side extending forward amost to pectoral axil, absent on dorsum immediately below spinous dorsal; scales cycloid with patch of strongly ctenoid scales under appressed pectoral fin. (Birdsong 81)

Fins - D1 - VII, first spine elongate in females extending to origin of D2, not elongate in males; D2 - 20(19-22); pectoral - 20-21(19-22); anal - 21(20-22)

Head - nuchal crest well developed in both sexes

Papillae -

Color - Males - preserved - body uniformly brownish in preservative with dark spot on upper hypural base; no markings on body over pectoral fin; head with two dark horizontal stripes on cheek below eye, seperated by pale stripe (probable blue in life); spinous dorsal and pectoral fins uniformly dusky; soft dorsal fin dusky with narrow pale submarginal stripe; anal fin dusky with anrrow, pale stripe on posterior nine to ten rays continuous with similar stripe on caudal fin; caudal fin dusky with two pale stripes above midline and pale stripes below midline; caudal stripes are horizontal and run obliquely across the caudal rays; pelvic fins dusky.

Female - preserved - body uniformly dusky with dark spot on upper hypural base; body dorsum along dorsal-fin base with 8-10 darkly pigmented dashes. Vertical, pale bar with darkened borders extending from the spinous dorsal origin to the axil of the pectoral fin; spinous dorsal dusky with broad, pale submarginal stripe; second dorsal fin dusky with narrow, pale submarginal stripe; anal? Fin dusky with narrow, dark stripe crossing last 8-12 rays and continuous with similar stripe on caudal fin; caudal fin dusky with dark, narrow median stripe and another dark, narrow stripe on ventral portion; dorsal rays of caudal fin with several indistinct, ocellated spots. (Birdsong 81)

Distribution - Antilles, coast of Venezuela

Habitat - Abundant in sandy bottom areas around islands in Venezuela

Notes -