Microgobius tabogensis
Meek & Hildebrand 1928

photo by J. Van Tassell

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Oculoscapular canal with pores B', D, F, H' pore F often absent; preopercle canal with 2 pores

Scales - lateral scale rows about 41-55, Scales on sides extending forward almost to pectoral axil; absnet on dorsum immedietely below spinous dorsal fin; scales cycloid to ctenoid with ctenoid scale patch under appressed pectoral fin (Birdsong 81)

Fins - D1 - VII, filaments 2-5 elongate in both sexes, slightly longer in males; D2 - 17(16-18); pectoral - 22(19-23); anal - 17(16-18)

Head - Fleshy nuchal crest absent in males, well developed in females

Papillae -

Color - Preserved color Males: body uniformly brownish; 5 poorly defined, dark dashes on the dorsum along the basees of the dorsal fins; a diffuse, dark blotch on side running from the origin of the spinous dorsal ventrad to the anterodorsal edge of the appressed pectoral fin; head with two horizontal pale stripes below eye; probably colored in life; nape and opercle with several pale spots; spinous dorsal fin with a suprabasal row of dusky spots; dorsal spine filaments dusky posteriorlly; soft dorsal fin dusky with a basal and a suprabasal hyaline stripe; anal fin dusky paling proximally; caudal fin dusky with several hyaline spots dorsally and dark margin to anterior dorsal membranes; pectoral fins pale; pelvic fins darlky pigmented becoming darker posteromedially.

Females: as in males except: body paler below midline above anal fin, but pale margins of area poorly defined; head with dark pigmentation at corner of mouth and a thin line of dark pigment along the postroventral margin of the preopercle; spinous dorsal fin uniformly dusky, often with one to three intensely dark spots on the first, fourth or fifth interradial membranes; anal fin dusky with broad, pale median stripe; soft dorsal fin dusky with broad, median hyaline stripe; caudal fin dusky with several pale spots dorsally, often with several small intense dark spots along the dorsal margin; pelvic fins dusky with hyaline margins.

Distribution - lower west coast of Baja California and the Gulf of California to Colombia

Habitat - Mangrove areas with muddy sand bottom

Notes -