Parrella ginsburgi Wade 1946

drawing from Wade 1946


Head Pores -

Scales - Body with 30-32 in lateral series, predorsal scaled

Fins - D1 - VII, none filamentous; D2 - 12; pectoral - 20; anal - 12; pelvic I,5 disk shaped

Head - body slender, rounded anteriorly, compressed posteriorly; maxilla extending to posterior of eye; anterior nostril short tube; posterior nostril round pore;

Papillae -

Color - in alcohol: uniform medium brown. An irregular, dark blotch at base of caudal fin. Abdomen pale. Head slightly darker than body. Membrane of dorsal, caudal, and pelvic fins slightly darker than body. Pectoral fin dark at base, lighter distally. Anal fin light. (Wade)

Distribution - Costa Rica to Panama

Habitat -

Notes -