Parrella maxillaris Ginsburg 1938



Head Pores - Head canal with pores B',D,F,H' no preopercle pores

Scales - Scales in lateral series 32

Fins - D1 - VII; D2 - 12(11-12); pectoral - 20(19-20); anal - 11; caudal very elongate; pelvic I,5 disk shaped

Head - Maxilla extending past eye to near preopercle margin falling short by at least 1 pupil diameter in distance; anterior nostril elongate depressed tube; posterior nostril an open pit;

Papillae -

Color - From Ginsburg 38: A longitudinal, rather narrow, dark streak slightly below a median line, approximately from base of pectoral to under origin of second dorsal; a similar less well marked, interuppted and parallel streak a little above a median line; (a longitudinal series of four rather diffuse blotches on the 28 mm specimens, the first at posterior end of and confluent with lower dark streak, the last at base of caudal; only the last blotch perceptible in the larger specimens examined, but these specimens probably faded); two spots on base of caudal, one below the other, more or less confluent with the last spot - in the longitudinal series of four spots - on the base of the caudal; a small oval spot on fleshy base of pectoral, a more diffuse, transverse, rather arched shaded area on fin, at its base; upper part of caudal with longitudinal rows of narrow elongate dark spots (in one specimen, the dark spots very intense, alternating with whitish spots, and with a whitish submarginal band; this pronounced development of color propably showing a sexually ripe male), lower part dusky (dorsals and anal more or less injured and color cannot be described).

Distribution - Gulf of California

Habitat - inhabits flat sand bottoms in 8-30 m

Notes -