Psilotris alepis Ginsburg 1953


IDENTIFICATION - D1 - VII, no prolonged spines; no head pores or canals; no scales on body or basicaudal scales; pelvic fins separated without anterior membrane; no rostral frenum; a small species with irregularly banded color pattern; short, narrow head, small eye, short upper jaw and short pelvic fins.

Head Pores - No pores or canals

Scales - No scales on body including no basicaudal scales

Fins - D1 - VII; D2 - 10; Anal - 9; Pectoral - 15; Pelvic fin separated with no anterior frenum, I,5;

Head - Short narrow head; short upper jaw; no rostral frenum; maxilla ending under anterior of pupil; anterior nostril tubular, posterior a raised rim;

Papillae - A transverse pattern with short row b, row d complete

Color - Diffusely cross-banded; body with 5-6 broad, irregular, diffuse bands, the anterior 2 somewhat Y-shaped and seven dorsal saddles; a subvertical, diffuse band under anterior part of eye; a wider, oblique band under posterior part of eye (Ginsburg-53; Boehlke-63)

Distribution - Bahamas, Cuba, Virgin Islands.

Habitat - Found in shallow waters. No detailed habitat descriptions in the literature, shore area, coral tide pool, and on reef are sited as locations. Generally collected in less than 3 ft water.

Notes -