Psilotris batrachodes Bohlke 1963
Photo by J. Van Tassell

Papillae Drawing

IDENTIFICATION - Distinct dark bars on the dorsal, caudal, and pectoral fins distinguish this goby from others in the genus. No elongate filament in first dorsal. A median fleshy low ridge on the snout between the nostrils; both nostrils tubular, posterior shorter than anterior; caudal fin rounded.

Head Pores - No head pores or canals

Scales - No scales on body and no basicaudal scales

Fins - D1 - VII, no element elongate; D2 - 9(9-10); pectoral 16(15-16); anal 7(7-8); pelvic I,5 fins seperate no anterior freanum.

Head - A fleshy low median ridge between nostrils; both nostrils tubular, posterior lower; maxilla ending before middle of pupil;

Papillae - A transverse pattern

Color -Strong dark bar along base of caudal rin rays, slightly V-shaped; D1 and D2 with two conspicuous dark vertical bars each, ventral and pelvic fins no color.

Distribution - Bahamas, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Belize, Isla Providencia, Santa Marta, Punta de San Bernardo off Colombia.

Habitat - Depth 12 - 15 ft; found in coral habitats on sandy bottoms with small rubble.

Notes -