Psilotris boehlkei Greenfield 1993

Papillae Drawing

IDENTIFICATION: Jaw extends past posterior margin of pupil; pectoral fin rays 16-18; 10 anal fin elements; 10-11 D2 elements; no elongate dorsal filaments; no distinctive pectoral fin color pattern.

Head Pores - No pores or canals

Scales - No scales on body or head and no basicaudal scales

Fins - D1 - VII; D2 - 10-11 elements; anal - 10 elements; pectoral 17(16-18) rays

Head - eye large, snout short and steep, mouth terminal

Papillae - transverse pattern

Color - From live specimen (saba); Body whitish; head with dark black/yellow bar under eye, about width of pupil; upper lip and chin with dark small melanophores; three lines radiate from the eye; upper line, composed of small black and yellow spots, from upper edge of pupil posteriorlly to above base of pectoral rays; second from lower pupil posterior to pectoral fin bas composed of larger yellow chomatophores; third line composed of small melanophores and larger yellow chromatophores from under pupil to upper pectoral fin base and on to the upper pectoral rays; first dorsal with 2 distinct rows of melanophores on spines, one on lower third of fin, one on upper third and patches of small melanophores along the upper edge of the fin membrane; Second dorsal generally clear with darker edge; caudal with upper and lower edges dark; anal fin dusky from element 4 to posterior edge;pectoral and pelvic fins clear; trunk with three internal dark bands and two rows of yellow, small, widely spaced chromatophores along upper and mid-trunk. (JVT)

Distribution - Know from St. Barthelemy and Saba bank

Habitat - Found in depths of generally 12-19 m but one specimen was found in 0-1.5 m; deeper specimens collected in areas of rock, sponge, or coral with fine white sand bottom; shallow specimen was collected in boulders with short seagrass.

Notes -