Psilotris celsus Bohlke 1963

Papillae Drawing

IDENTIFICATION - A large, pale species with narrow disky bars, a dark mark at the base of the spinous dorsal fin anteriorly, long pectoral and caudal fins and when adult, the first two dorsal spines elnogate. No fleshy ridge between the nostrils.

Head Pores - No head pores or canals

Scales - No scales on body and no basicaudal scales.

Fins - D1 - VII, first two spines somewhat elongate, extending to 5th element in D2 in large speciemens; D2 - 10-11; pectoral - 17(16-17); anal - 10-11(9-11); caudal rounded; pelvic I,5 fins seperate, no anterior freanum, all rays branched only once, fin extends to past anus.

Head - Anterior nostril a short tube, posterior a raised rim; no fleshy median ridge between nostrils; maxilla ending at anterior of eye; teeth in upper jaw in a broad band of tiny teeth with outer row of enlarged teeth; lower jaw with more rows than in the other species, inner row enlarged at anterior; outer row with enlarged teeth;

Papillae - A transverse pattern, more numerous papillae than in the other species in the genus.

Color -In life: dorsal body with burnt orange markings as follows: seven dorsal saddles and 5-6 lateral bars, the posterior three bars aligned with the last three saddles, the more anterior bars and saddles alternating. A prominent black spot present anteriorly at the base of thedorsal fin. Two bands cross the occiput, each composed of two parallel lines of melanophores. One narrow dark line runs from the eye to the upper jaw, another, extends ventrally from the eye, and a third courses posteroventrally from the eye onto the cheek; the last mentioned bifurcates a short distance from the eye, the anterior leg vertical, the posterior leg horizontal for a short distance and then turning at a right angle tp parallel the anterior leg. Adults are white to somewhat yellowish overall, with the narrow body bars and head markings yellow. (Boehlke 1963)

Distribution - Bermuda, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Isla providencia, Santa Marta, Colombia.

Habitat - Found in 8-50 ft depths; coral and rocky habitats.

Notes - The specimen from Hogsty Reef, Bahamas, has a different gill opening and might be a different species, ANSP 98429