Psilotris kaufmani Greenfield et al 1993

Papillae Drawing

IDENTIFICATION - No head pores, canals, or scales. Pelvic fins compeletely seperated; distinctive pectoral fin coloration, black on the upper 9-11 rays and membrane, white below; pectoral rays 16-19; anal rays 10-11; D2 elements 10-11

Head Pores - No head pores or canals

Scales - No scales on body and no basicaudal scales

Fins - D1 - VII, first two spines elongate; D2 - 10-11; pectoral - 16-19; anal 10-11; pelvic I,5 fins seperate, no anterior freanum; caudal rounded

Head - Maxilla short, extending to anterior of pupil;

Papillae - A transverse pattern

Color - Body white, with irregular, golden-yellow spots on body, each spot outlined by melanophores with scattering of melanophores indide of spot on top of golden-yellow; lateral midline with a series of irregular spots, with more melanophores than other golden-yellow spots on body; head with 3 prominent bars radiating from below the eye, posterior bar the darkest; pectoral fin with upper 9-11 rays and membranes black, lower rays and membranes white; pelvic fins white; caudal fin white crossed with 6 golden-yellow bars; first dorsal fin membranes clear, melanophores on spines forming bars; dorsum of body with 6 golden-yellow butterfly saddles with dense melanophores.

Distribution - Jamaica, Belize, Honduras, Isla de Providencia (Smith 97)

Habitat - dropoff habitats with vertical faces or from spur and groove habitats just above the dropoff (Greenfield etal 1993); depths of 11-27 meters.

Notes -