Robinsichthys arrowsmithensis Birdsong 1988
photo from Birdsong 1988


Head Pores - No pores

Scales - Body completely scaled, 24-28 in lateral series; 2 basicaudal scales present

Fins - D1 - VII; D2 11; pectoral 22-23(21-24); anal 11(10-11); pelvic I,5 fins completely seperate with no anterior frenum present

Head - Maxilla extending to between the anterior of the eye and the anterior of the pupil; tongue emarginate; interorbital very narrow, eyes touch at midline; anterior and poster nostrils both short tubes

Papillae -

Color - From Birdsong 88 based on faded material: Ground color pale with the pattern formed by concentrations of large discrete melanophores in varying densities. Body and caudal-fin base marked by four vertical, dusky bars; anterior bar the most prominent and extends dorsad from the belly to the D1 and well onto dorsal spines 4-6 or 7; second bar extends from the anal-fin origin onto the anterior rays of the D2 fin; third bar, the least conspicuous of the four, extends from the area just above the anal-fin terminus onto the posterior rays of the D2 fin; posteriormost bar lies on the caudal-fin base, with some melanophores extending anteriad onto the caudal peduncle, expecially along the midline. On the dorsum, between the vertical bars, lie a series of dusky blotches or saddles that extend onto the dorsal fins. These saddles located as follows: one at the D1 terminus, one at the middle of D2 base, and two (the coalesced in the holotype) on trhe dorsal surface of the caudal peduncle. Venter along anal-fin base bears scattered melanophores.
Ventral rays of caudal fin dusky, especially near their tips, and dorsal half of caudal fin bears two dark slashes. Anal fin dusky along the distal margin and pelvic fins uniformly dusky.
Head has triangular dusky blotch below the eye (the apex pointing ventrad) and scattered melanophores along the margin of the upper lip. Operculum bears large, widely spaced melanophores that extend ventrad onto the branchiostegal membranes, dorsad across the nape, and posteroventrad to the pectoral axil.

Distribution - western Caribbean; Arrowsmith Bank

Habitat - 240 meters substrate not described in publication

Notes -