Tigrigobius inornatus (Bussing) 1990
top photo by Alicia Hermosillo-González
specimen from Isla de Coiba, Panama
bottom photo by J. Van Tassell
specimens from Isla de Coiba, Panama


Head Pores - Cephalic head canal with pores B',C,D,F,H' and preopercle canal with pores M',N'

Scales - No scales present.

Fins - D1 - VII (VII-VIII), first spine elongate in both sexes, extending to base of fifth dorsal ray in males and first dorsal ray in females; D2 - 11(10-11); pectoral 19(18-21); anal 10(9-10); pelvic I,5

Head - Maxilla extending to posterior of eye; anterior nostril a short tube; posterior nostral a raised rim; rostral frenum absent.

Papillae -

Color - From Bussing 1990: Alcohol preserved specimens with one or two very faint pale crossbars on body immediately behind base of pectoral fins. Three narrow crossbars on head, paler or of equal intensity as wide interspaces; crossbars with dark margins. First bar crossing over head, extending to lower margin of preopercle. Second bar crossing nape and running along posterior half of opercle to lower opercular margin. Third bar between eye and rictus of mouth. Five roughly square internal pigment blotches along vertebral column; these inconspicuous blotches visible by transmitted light and evenly spaced aong body, wider than pale interspaces and extending completely between dorsal and ventral margins of body. Basal one-fifth of dorsal fin hyaline, bordered above by a series of black spots on interradial membranes between first to sixth spines; distal four-fifths of fin dusky. Second dorsal fin with a similar, very narrow hyaline base, above which usually appears spots or slightly darked areas on interradial membranes; remainder of fin and entire anal fin pale dusky. Caudal and paired fins pale dusky. Freshly preserved specimens with a bright orange-red head. Wide orange-red interspaces of hea divided bt three narrow white crossbars; first bar from lower margin of eye to rictus of laws; second crosses over head and extends to lower preopercle; third corsses nape and reaches lower margin of opercle. A fourth white bar crosses predorsal area of body and extends on both sides behind pectoral bases. Remainder of body with internal pigment producing five dark diffuse bars extending between dorsal and ventral margins of body. Interspaces narrower and translucent yellowish. Caudal fin bright yellow, other fins pale with melanophore patterns as in preserved material. Head orange-red or pinkish, with white bars; an additional white barr at level of pectoral fin base; body translucent yellow with 5 broad internal brown bars. (A&R 1994)

Distribution - Known from Cabo Santa Elena in northern Costa Rica to Isla Gorgona, Colombia (Bussing 1990); Costa Rica to Columbia (A&R 1994)

Habitat - Coral and rocky reefs

Notes -