Tigrigobius macrodon (Beebe & Tee-Van) 1928
Photo by J. Van Tassell


Head Pores - Cephalic head canal with pores B',C,D,E,F,H' and preopercle wcanal with pores M',N'

Scales - Only 2 scales on caudal peduncle plus the 4 basicaudal scales; Robins 1958 reports 4-5 scales on the posterior portion of the caudal peduncle, most below the midline; up to 10 scales observed by JVT

Fins - D1 - VII (occasionally 6), filamentous in males and females; D2 - 11(11-12); pectoral 17(16-18); caudal segmented 16-17; anal 10(9-13); pelvic I,5 all rays branched, extends to anus in females, longer in males;

Head - Interorbital narrow, less than pupil diameter; maxilla extends to posterior of eye; no rostral frenum; anterior nostral erect tube; posterior nostral raised rim to low tube;

Papillae - A transverse pattern with three vertical rows anterior of row b; row 5i/6i at anterior of row b, not extending below the level of row d; row d continuous.

Color - 12-13 narrow dark vertical very distinct bands along the body from the base of the pectoral fin to the caudal fin, three narrow dark bands on the head, a series of small very dark spots(6-8)(3-4 on each side) under the head in two rows along the outer edge of branchial area

Distribution - Sanibel Is., FL Dinner Key at Miami through the FL Keys, Port-au-Prince Bay, Haiti; Curacao (?) needs verification see Metzelaar's 1918:139 record [Robins 58] Tampa Bay [Springer& Woodburn 1960] ; southern Florida and Cuba to Haiti (Smith 97)

Habitat - (Springer & Woodburn 1960) - Inhabits the interstices of the calcareous rubble found on the surface and around the bases of the reef, and to some extent the crevasses which honeycomb the reefs. Smith 97 - sometimes found on the surfaces of large sponges; 35-60 feet in Tampa Bay [Springer & Woodburn 1960]; 15 feet in FL Keys [Robins 1958]

Notes -