Tigrigobius multifasciatus (Steindachner) 1876
photo by J. Van Tassell


Head Pores - Cephalic canal system with pores B',C,D,E,F,H' and preopercle with pores M',N'

Scales - No scales present.

Fins - D1 - VII, first spine in both sexes elongate when mature; D2 - 11(11-12); pectoral - 20(19-21); anal 10(9-10); pelvic I,5 all branched rays, disk complete, rounded, extending 1/2 distance to anus;

Head - Anterior nostral a short tube; posterior nostril a raised rim or low tube; interorbital about eye diameter; maxilla extending to posterior margin of eye; no barbel present;

Papillae - A transverse pattern with three vertical rows anterior of row b; row 5i/6i at the anterior of row b and not extending below the level of row d; no vertical rows extending below the level of row d; row d divided.

Color - In life the body is dark (almost blackish) green with narrow, pale green bars. There is a broad red to brownish red horizontal stripe extending from the eye to the hind margin of the head. (B&R)

Distribution - Bahamas, Cuba and the Cayman Islands south to Barbados and Curacao [B&R 68]

Habitat - Found in shallow waters in association with sea urchins.

Notes -