Varicus bucca Robins and Böhlke 1961
drawing from Robins and Bohlke

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores -

Scales - Scales in lateral series 27; basicaudal scales present;

Fins - D1 - VII, none filamentous; D2 - 10; pectoral - 16-19; anal - 8; pelvic I,5 all rays unbranched, fins seperate.

Head - Maxilla extending to middle of eye; anterior nostril moderate tube; posterior nostril short tube or raised rim; interorbital very narrow less than 1/4 pupil diameter.

Papillae -

Color - in alcohol: Body, dorsal, caudal and paired fins unmarked in holotype. Dorsal spines and rays with grey spots, two or usually three per element in the large paratype. Outer 2/3rd of anal-fin membrane densely covered with melanophores the entire fin appearing dusky at first glance. Head pale but with scattered melanophores on the cheeks and occiput suggesting three bands in the holotype, the bands distinct in the larger paratype. The three bands not straight but winged shaped,the anterior on shortest, the posterior one longest. A patch of melanophores present on cheek, behind eye, another on upper part of opercle. Body somewhat dusky above, unmarked below, the melanophores concentrated near scale margins especially anteriorly. Dusky pattern extends forward to axil of pectoral fin partially enclosing a pale middorsal area that extends as a rectangle from the origin of the spinous dorsal fin to the pallid nape and occiput. This pale rectangle crossed anteriorl by a dusky band in the larger paratype. (Robins&Bohlke 61)

Distribution - Greater Antilles

Habitat -

Notes -