Vomerogobius flavus Gilbert 1971
drawing from Gilbert 1971 of type


Head Pores - B', C, D, E, F' canals completely seperate between eye, never join

Scales - No scales present


Fins - D1 VI, elements 3 and 4 elongate; D2 12-13; pectoral 15-16; anal 13; pelvic I,5 fins united but no anterior frenum; caudal deeply emarginate

Head - Maxilla extending to under middle of eye; tongue curved upwards at edges and possing teeth at midline; vomerine teeth also present in males

Papillae -

Color - Life: a uniform lemon yellow; Preserved: Melanophores on body and fins of males mostly absent except behind upper part of each orbit, on wall of peritoneal cavity, and a few on anteriormost part of medial caudal rays. Females more heavily pigmented, with considerably dark pigment on dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins; large patch on middle of snout; and a narrow line of pigment running along dorsal midline from caudal fin to posterior third of head. (Gilbert 1971)

Distribution - Bahamas

Habitat - Found in 30-42 meters of water; found in schools along the upper level of cliff faces

Notes -