Dr. James L. Van Tassell
Research Associate-in-Residence
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dept. of Biology
Hofstra University
Smithsonian Fellow
Research Associate-in-Residence
Dept. of Ichthyology
American Museum of Natural History

Lab - 055 Gittleson Hall
email: jvantassell@gobiidae.com

Research: Systematics of fishes in the Family Gobiidae with emphasis on the American Seven-spined gobies. Ecology, distribution, and systematics of fishes of the Canary Islands.

Florida Keys Dive Trip March-April 2007

Next trip - Panama - aboard the Smithsonian research vessel, RV Urraca - May-June 2007

Collecting in Florida June 2006

Conservation International Expedition to Saba Bank

Saba Bank Dive Collecting Trip Jan. 2006

Gulf Coast Collecting Trip July 2006

Gulf Coast Collecting Trip July 2006

Venezuela Collecting Trip Sept. 2006

Venezuela Collecting Trip Sept. 2006

Venezuela Collecting Trip Sept. 2006


Current projects:

1) Molecular phylogeny of the American Seven spined gobies with Lukas Ruber at the Natural History Museum, London, UK

2) Descriptions of new species of gobiids from the Caribbean, eastern Atlantic, and eastern Pacific regions.

3) Cheek myology of gobiidae - a new set of characters for phylogenetic studies?

4) Gobiidae.com - Production of a website for information on the gobioidea of the Americas

5) Production of an interactive CD on all fishes of the Caribbean with D. Ross Robertson, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

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