Want to get involved?

Undergraduate and Graduate students at Hofstra University can get involved in many aspects of my research.

Any of the project areas could expand into a Bio 90-91 or thesis project.

Students that get involved and do exemplary work, generally get invited to participate in expeditions. Check these links for examples:

Current Projects include:

Production of a web site on the identification of shore fishes from the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Help is needed to identify the thousands of fishes collected. Get first hand experience on fish identification and biogeography of Caribbean fishes. Help identify new species and record range extensions. Results could lead to a Bio 90-91 class and publication of results


Systematics and biogeography of gobioid fishes from the Americas.

Extensive collections of gobiids and eleotrids from the Americas are in my lab. Undescribed species, expanded range descriptions, variations in poorly known species, are waiting to be found and published.


Seining on off shore island Mississippi


Collecting Trips

Collecting trips occur throughout the year along the Gulf Coast, Caribbean islands, Central and South America. Students actively involved in research projects, that have demonstrated the ability to work independently, generally get to participate as space allows.

Collecting in a mangrove stream in Panama

Collecting in the Florida Panhandle

Sorting a collection of fish aboard the RV Urraca in Panama

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James Van Tassell


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